Full Pull Friday

The 2023 Full Pull Friday Events:

Click Here For Rules For All Classes

Michigan Dyno Association Draft Horse Pull:
Registration: 11:00AM
Competition: 1:00PM

Henry County Fair Truck Pull – Entry Fee: $20
Registration: 2:30PM in the infield
Competition: 6:00PM

Truck Classes

1. Two Wheel Drive Open 5,500# Gas
2. Four Wheel Drive 6,800# Hot Street Gas
3. Four Wheel Drive 8,000# Farm Stock Diesel
4. Four Wheel Drive 7,000# Altered Gas
5. Four Wheel Drive 8,000# Altered 2.5 Hot St. Diesel
6. Four Wheel Drive 8,000# Work Stock Diesel

Hot Farm Tractor Classes

7. 8,500#
8. 9,500#

Please be tech’d before heading to Scales!